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Hungarian Puli

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12-16 years


very high


Watchdog ability:
very high

Protection ability:
very high

Area of Origin:

Date of Origin:
Middle Ages Other

Other Names:
Puli, Hungarian Water Dog Original

Sheep herding


The Hungarian Puli crossed the plains into Hungary with the Magyars several thousand years ago where they were used as sheep dogs. Many shepherds seemed to prefer black dogs, but this was probably because they are easier to see among the flock. The Puli was a herding and droving dog, prized for its light, agile movement while the larger Hungarian breed, the Komondor, was more often used as a guarding dog for the flocks. At the time of the Second World War, the breed had almost died out and its numbers were reduced to two figures. But a controlled breeding program assisted by dedicated breeders around the world ensured the survival of these unique little Hungarians.


A mop on springs, the Puli is full of bouncing energy. It is busy and curious and needs daily exercise. This smart dog is also headstrong and tough. It can be aggressive toward other dogs. Alert and watchful, it is also protective of its family. It barks a lot.


This is an energetic breed on the lookout for a job, preferably something to herd. It can be satisfied with a good walk or jog, or a lively game and training session, however. It can live outdoors in temperate to cool climates, but it also makes an excellent house dog. Its coat can hold debris. Its non-shedding coat can be brushed or corded; if brushed, it needs brushing every one to two days. If corded, the cords must be regularly separated because the coat tends to hold dirt; bathing is time consuming and drying takes as much as one day. Pets can be clipped, but then part of the breed’s unique appeal is lost.

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