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Dog Training Shows

Dogs and handlers execute a series of exercises designed to illustrate the ability of the handler to control the behaviour of the dog. The tests are graded on difficulty.

Types of Dog Training Shows

Championship Dog Training Tests
Associated All Breeds clubs and some Affiliated All Breeds Clubs hold these shows. A Challenge Certificate is awarded to the first two placegetters in Test C provided they obtain 290 points or more. All tests must be scheduled.

Dog Training Open Trials
Tests conducted along the lines of Championship Tests but without the award of Challenge Certificates.

Dog Training Ribbon Trials
Dog Training Ribbon Trials are judged by lesser qualified judges where ribbons are the only prizes.

Club Days
Fun events for club members and members of training classes. Often used as a graduation exercise or as an assessment whether a dog and handler should progress further. These have no status.

Rally-O is a great dog sport that can be enjoyed by dogs (and people!) of any age and ability. The dog and their handler are required to perform a different exercise every few metres. Exercises include combinations of turns, presents, finishes, changes of position, heeling around cones, halts, stays and jumps.

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