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Conducting Dog Training Classes during COVID-19 Level 2.
Dog Training Clubs operating under COVID 19 level 1-2 need to adopt strong health and safety precautions that abide by government advice and protect the wellbeing of all attendees.

The decision to recommence Dog Training classes is at each clubs discretion and you should only do so once you are happy that you have the proper protocols in place to manage any health risk to your club trainers and class attendees.

We understand that the recommended guidelines will make it difficult to hold any Canine Good Citizen assessments under Level 2 due to the need to continue to practice good social distance habits.

Therefore as CGC requires handshaking (eg 3 & 10), sharing leads (eg 6 & 11) and handlers to be closer than 2 metres apart for some exercise Assessments must not be conducted at Covid-19 Level 2 or above.

Christchurch Dog Training Club

23 July 2022

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Taupo Dog Training Club

Foundation, Bronze, Silver and Gold
19 June 2022

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Kapiti Dog Training Club

Foundation and Bronze
28 May 2022

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