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Dogs NZ Insurance-
Reduce Your Pet Health Stress

When your dog gets sick or injured, can you afford to access quick, high quality vet care, without worrying about your finances? Sometimes bills run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars before you can barely blink. What if your dog causes damage to someone else’s property or pet? Can you cover their repair or medical bills without dipping into your savings?

Pet insurance helps safeguard both your bank account and your pet. It’s the financial back-up you can rely on, helping protect you and your pet’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

Dogs NZ understands this, which is why we partnered with PD Insurance to create a pet insurance plan exclusively for our members.

Enter: Dogs NZ Insurance.

Choose one of our three plans and reduce your pet-health stress. As a Dogs NZ Member you get an exclusive offer of 3 MONTHS FREE* on sign-up. You can also expect a fast and fair claims service, enjoy a multi-pet discount, and a fixed excess per claimable event (not per vet bill). Moreover, our Deluxe plan includes dental cover and an impressive $20,000 annual benefit limit!

Protect those paws and your pocket with Dogs NZ Insurance today.

Our Plans

Protect those paws and your pocket with Dogs NZ Insurance today.


What is pet insurance?

Sadly, every pet will need veterinary treatment at least once in their life. And as most pet owners know, vet bills can be very expensive, in some cases costing thousands of dollars. Pet insurance is designed to help pay for vet bills relating to accidents and illness.

In addition, our pet insurance includes third-party liability cover. Dogs NZ Insurance can provide protection in the event that your pet/s cause damage to other people's property, pets, or individuals.

How is paying month-to-month different to paying annually?

Our month-to-month option works just like a monthly subscription, similar to a video streaming subscription. Importantly, there are no lock-in contracts and you can cancel at any time without penalties.

From what age can I insure my pets?

We recommend insuring your pet as early possible. Our plans allow you to purchase new insurance policies from the following ages:

  • Accident Plan: Aged 6 weeks to 12 years.
  • Classic and Deluxe Plans: Aged 6 weeks up to 8 years and 11 months.

What excess options are available?

You can choose from three excess options: $100, $150, and $200. You will be asked to select your preferred excess when you purchase your policy. This amount is shown on your Certificate of Insurance which will be deducted from each claim you make. For example, if you have chosen $200 excess and have a $1,000 claim, your excess will be $200 and we’ll take care of the remaining $800.

Do you only insure dogs?

While Dogs NZ is dedicated to dogs, we know that many dog owners also love cats so you can also insure your cats under our policy - and remember, if you insure more than one pet you will get a 5% multiple pet^ policy discount.

The Fine Print


~Starter Cover T&Cs

*Up to 3 Month Free T&Cs

^Enjoy a 5% multiple pet discount when two or more pets are insured with Dogs NZ Insurance. Multiple Pet discount may be referred to as ‘multi-pet discount’ in some member documentation.

Dogs NZ Insurance is a product of Pacific International Insurance Pty Limited, NZBN 9429041356500, FSP394846.

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