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Horowhenua Obedience Dog Training Club

The Horowhenua Obedience Dog Training Club has its clubrooms and grounds at the AP&I Show Grounds in the centre of Levin. The club has approximately 100 members who take part in Obedience, Agility, Rally-O, Canine Good Citizen (CGC), Scent Work, Working Trials, training and competition. It holds an Obedience and Agility ribbon trial, two Championship Agility shows and two Championship Obedience shows each year. It also holds Obedience training courses which handlers can use to establish a good relationship with their pets or use as a basis for going on to competition.

Contact Details

Deirdre  Barr
PO Box 163

Phone: 022-038-5383

Committee Details

Club SecretaryDeirdre Barr           0220385383
Treasurer                     Aynslie Goldsmith0273110121

Agility Show SecretaryAnnabelle Connor0273627056
Rally-O Show SecretaryKatrina Roebuck     0273189069

PresidentRichard Morse0211914764
Obedience Show SecretaryKaren Carle0272333104
Obedience CoordinatorKevin Brown0212343950
Agility Coordinator

CGC Coordinator                   

Judy Webby

Upcoming Shows and Events

Terms for 2023
Term 1 Enrolment online from  11thJanuary
Course 25th January- 18th March
Term 2 Enrolment online from 15thMarch
Course 29th Mar - 18th May
Term 3 Enrolment online from 17th May
Course 31st May - 19th July
Term 4 Enrolment online from  19th Jul 
Course 2nd August - 20th September
Term 5 Enrolment online from 20th Sept
Course 4th October- - 22nd November


Obedience & Rally O Champ show  25/26 February
Agility Champ show 25/26 March
UD Trial 15/16 July
Agility R/T 22nd July
Obedience Champ & Rally O show 9/110 September

Club Activities

Obedience and Agility training and competition 
Training courses for pet owners. 
NZKC Canine Good Citizen, 
Scent Work

 The basic Obedience course aims to teach owners basic control of their pets and covers walking at heel, coming on command, stays, general behaviour, health care and legal requirements. The training is held over an eight-week course in grade 1.
 Further courses through to grade five will take owners through to competition level.

 Agility Owners are required to have full club membership. Dogs must be 12 months old to take part in agility.

 Rally-O courses aim to give the dog & handler a combination of agility and obedience in a fun setting.

 CGC Owners are required to have full club membership & have passed Obedience Grade 1 & 2. Dogs are taught to be well mannered in public and at home. The course is geared around fun. Levels that can be achieved are Foundation, Bronze, Silver & Gold. For more information check out the NZKC Website on CGC Club 

Break Up night - TBA 

Fees: Introductory Classes $70.00- 1 person, or $120.00 Family One Eight week classes, Grade 1. Membership; Single $60.00 Family $80.00 Junior $30.00 (16 & under) Agility Gear Fee $25.00 2017 

WEDNESDAY Obedience Course Coordinator Kevin. Grade 1-5 Classes 6.30pm Competition Class 5.30pm

 TUESDAY Agility Course Coordinator Suzie. Beginners Only Course at 6.00 pm. Senior Competition Training at 7.00pm

 Enrolments for classes are online a couple of weeks before the class starts. The link to the form can be accessed through the club's Facebook (and other local) pages. It can also be obtained by emailing

RALLY-O  Training Wednesdays in summer.

 CGC Course(Canine Good Citizen) Coordinator Sue Clarke and Judy Webby Sunday 10.30am during winter.

All dogs taking part in club activities must be vaccinated and registered.

Club Scrapbook

Our thanks to the Pub Charity who supported us in getting bollards put around our club grounds which has stopped cars ripping up the grounds. Also funding a new zip after the old one flooded the kitchen. We were also privileged to get set of New Agility Equipment which is helping with our Training evenings as well as at our Show. Many Thanks Pub Charity for your continued support and generosity.

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